Our Treatments

Custom Facials

All appointments booked online require a $50 non refundable deposit. This will be deducted from your total upon checkout. If you have a prepaid service, you must contact us by phone or email to schedule.

Custom Facial : A favorite amongst our clients, our Custom Facial is the perfect facial for almost any skin concern. After discussing your skin goals, we will put together a customized routine for your facial including a deep cleanse, exfoliation, dermaplaning, advanced treatment and more.        1hr. 15min.   $150

HydroGlow: This facial hydrates dry skin, gently exfoliates while deeply cleaning out pores, and works to infuse serums into the skin, plumping and nourishing your barrier. In addition, an oxygenating treatment is used to help instantly revive dull, tired skin, leaving it clean, glowing, and refreshed.

1hr. 30min.    $175

Acne Prone : Our Acne Prone Facial is designed for anyone struggling with active breakouts and congestion. This facial aims to clear clogged pores, exfoliate outer layers of the skin, and treat breakouts with our Acne Clearance IPL. Also included are extractions and an LED light therapy treatment. 

1hr. 15min.    $150

Rewind: The perfect facial for our mature clients, our Rewind Facial will leave you plump, glowing, and feeling rejuvenated. Our goal is to focus on exfoliating with enzymes and dermaplaning, softening fine lines and wrinkles with our Skin Rejuvenation IPL, and putting moisture back into the skin with our selection of luxurious cream masks.

1hr. 15min.  $150

Dermafuse: Viora’s DermaFuse® device, features facial and body toning procedure using electrical current, which mimics the body’s natural current. The primary benefit of the device is to re-educate the facial and body muscles, even skin tone, and improve product penetration. This treatment provides a needle-free method for superior enhancement of delivery of all natural, high-quality serums that will be customized to your skin needs. 

1hr. 30min. $175

Classic: A simple and relaxing way to improve and maintain your skin’s overall appearance, especially if done on a regular basis. Our Classic Facial involves thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the skin, facial massaging to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Microdermabrasion is added to clear pores and remove dry skin, followed by a mask to address your skin's needs. 

1hr. $100

Advanced Treatments

Viora IPL Photofacial: The IPL Photofacial treatment uses short blasts of high-intensity light to produce younger-looking skin that’s firmer and more even in tone and texture. Our Viora IPL allows us to target specific skin concerns with its selection of filters and provides comprehensive full face rejuvenation.

1hr. $425

IPL Spot Treatment: The IPL device is designed to activate the skin’s natural healing processes without harming delicate dermal tissue. As your skin attempts to repair itself, it will shed its dull, damaged outer layer and form supple, vibrant new skin. During this process, skin-firming proteins (like collagen and elastin) are produced in abundance. The light emitted during IPL therapy also breaks down the dark pigment inside age spots and freckles, reduces redness and veins, clears cystic acne, and plumps skin.

20min. Starting at $125

Micro-Needling: Microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy, is performed using our Exceed Pen, using tiny needles that make precise, microscopic punctures in the skin. These “micro-injuries” work by helping to stimulate the skin to repair itself naturally through a process called dermal remodeling.

1hr. 30min. $295

For those looking for a smooth complexion, microneedling is a minimally invasive skin-perfecting procedure. Microneedling can improve the appearance of:

  • Acne scars
  • Dark spots
  • Large pores
  • Melasma
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Sagging skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars due to surgery or an injury

Laser Hair Removal: Perfect for reducing unwanted hair and smoothing skin. Our Viora laser hair removal beams concentrated light into hair follicles while the pigments absorb the light, destroying the hair.

*Please make sure ALL hair is shaved in the area to be treated prior to your appointment!

Small area ($675): Lip, chin, bikini, underarms, fingers, sideburns, toes, neckline.

Medium area ($775): Brazilian, half leg, half arm, lower stomach , lower back, shoulders.

Large area ($875): Full back, full arms, full legs, full stomach.

Laser Hair Removal packages include 7 treatments. Appointment times vary depending on area or areas being treated.

Basic Treatments

Chemical Peel: Our chemical peels can be customized to your specific skin needs to reduce acne scars and discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and stimulate collagen production. Chemical peels can be done alone or added to any facial treatment. 45min. $95

Dermaplaning: Facial dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves gently scraping your face with a scalpel to remove your top layer of skin and any peach fuzz. This treatment will help lighten hyperpigmentation, smooth texture, promote cell turnover, and will help your products penetrate deeper into the skin. Dermaplaning can be done alone or added to any facial treatment. 45min. $75

Lash Lift with Tint: Curl and define eyelashes for 6 to 8 weeks. 45min. $95

Brow lamination with Tint: Create the perfect fluffy brow with our lamination, includes wax, tint, and shape. 45min. $95

Brow Perfecting: Perfect and define brows with a wax, tint, and shaping service. 30min. $40

Facial Wax: Leave skin smooth and hair free for weeks with our organic, moisturizing cream wax. 25min. $20


Body contouring (V*FORM) — Non-invasive, proven body treatments to shape, smooth, tone and tighten. Combining the use of radiofrequency energy and vacuum to provide treatments RF is able to target enlarged fat pockets to increase the metabolism and reduce fat volume. While the vacuum mechanism increases local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

Facial contouring — (V*S) Viora’s CORE technology heats your skins underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers. This causes fibers to shrink, resorting your skins elasticity leaving you with a tighter smoother appearance.