Transgender Clients

Gender Affirming Laser Hair Removal

If you are a transgender person seeking gender affirming laser hair removal, please call us to schedule and we will apply a 15% discount to our regular pricing. All you have to say is that you qualify for the “THP discount”. You do not need to be receiving surgery to qualify for this discount.  

Vaginoplasty Patients

We offer special pricing for transgender patients receiving hair removal prior to vaginoplasty: $100 per laser session. Typically, it takes 6 sessions to achieve complete hair removal. If you complete 6 treatments with us, we will give you a 7th touch-up treatment complimentry!

*Please make sure ALL hair is shaved in the area to be treated prior to your appointment!

We have priced our laser hair removal per session for two reasons:

  1. We understand that laser is a big financial commitment and we want to give you the most flexible payment options possible. If you are interested in establishing an additional payment plan, please see the “Payment Plans” tab above.
  2. If you are on a waiting list for electrolysis, but want to get started with laser hair removal in the meantime, we are happy to work with you in creating a plan for the most complete hair removal possible.

A note on insurance: we are currently in the process of determining how/if we could accept insurance for medically necessary hair removal. Please be patient as we navigate this process. We have offered significantly discounted pricing to make hair removal more accessible in the meantime.  

 If you are receiving laser hair removal for vaginoplasty, we will be especially focused on making sure that the blue and pink regions above are completely hairless, as this skin will become your vaginal canal. Hair in other regions can be removed or kept according to your aesthetic preferences.

Vulvoplasty Patients

If you are undergoing vulvoplasty, there is not a hair removal requirement (this typically means that this service is not covered by insurance). However, you are eligible for our THP 15% off discount.  

Not sure if laser hair removal will work for you?

Laser hair removal targets pigment. This means that the laser cannot detect very light hair and that it will target skin pigment in those with very dark skin.

Above is a chart that gives you a general idea of whether or not laser hair removal will work for you. Please use your body hair color when using this chart as a guide. If you have blonde body hair or very dark skin, electrolysis is likely to be a better option for you. We are happy to schedule a consultation for anyone who is unsure of whether or not laser will work for them.